Amazon is an online retailer where you can buy anything from groceries to technology at the touch of a button and have it delivered to your front door. As a company that has branded themselves as the go to for all of your needs a physical store will reach even more customers. The design intent for this store was a place to come and relax. My concept played heavily on the theory of

third-place, meaning a place away from home and work where you can relax. The store has a cafe integrated for ultimate relaxation. 


3 design drivers

Concept parti

The smell of new books, the sound of pages turning at your fingertips letting you reminisce in your thoughts. The open and warm embrace blends with soft and hard surfaces which contrast one another. A spacious seating area is anchored by a texture and floor change. This bookstore explores the idea of creating the perfect 3rd place; which balances retail with relaxation, a comforting atmosphere becomes the ideal place to dwell in your thoughts. 

My goal is to create the perfect space for relaxation that for everyone no matter what age, heritage or special needs. I want to create a space that feels safe and immediately embraces you. 

Concept board


Whole store view

Conference room


Floor Plan