The Owens Thomas House

The Ownes thomas house is a historic home located in downtown Savannah, Georgia. The home bears many historical elements which have made the house a great tourist attraction especially for history fanatics. 

The home is now operated as a house museum by the Telfair museum. 

The home is located on 124 Abercorn Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401. 

Hand Drafting

This Project focused on learning how to hand draft and perfecting the skill. The project also looked into urban planning aspects and the houses surroundings as well as the historic set up of Savannah. As Savannah was one of the first planned cities it has a specific grid layout which dictates where there are homes and what they are surrounded by. This aspect makes the city unique and interesting to explore.  

The Section shows these so called 'square' that the home is locate din. It shows the greenery which is the center of every square and becomes the heart of the block. 

The Squares plan helps you get a better understanding of the block and how the surrounding elements affect the Owens Thomas house. The poched building is the house in question. the plan also shows you the greenery which is spread through the space. 

The floor plan shows the buildings architectural features and walls with it's thicknesses of the building

The perspective of the exterior of the building shows the houses exterior architectural features and detailing. 
It gives you an idea of spatial size and relation of walls to windows and how the details correlate to the buildings facade. 

These Boards are the final presentation boards for the movement through Savannah. First you dive into the city which i described as a memory palace. I ten dove into the ward and square itself.

The elevations continue to show more detail of the Owens Thomas house. This shows the symmetrical and asymmetrical aspects of the building at the same time. The stippled area represents the stucco portion of the building while the shutters are wood.