Enerspace is a collaborative office environment with rent-able office spaces. 

Enerspace interlaces work with wellness to achieve maximum productivity while helping their patrons enjoy their workplace.Interlacing of opposing forces then becomes a concept for the design of their Savannah location, a city that interlaces historic and modern architecture. Patrons of this facility will experience an environment where geometrically structured work areas  interlace with flowing organic wellness spaces; contrasting colors, textures, lighting and furniture shapes will reinforce the concept throughout a sustainable and 
healthy environment. 

The reception area features one of the two living plant walls filled with plants that filter indoor air. The Enerpsace logo is embedded in the plant wall. The reception also features a seating elements off to the left hand side. 

The lounge area bordering the open office space is there for meetings, breaks and an alternative to a traditional work space, Everyone works differently and therefore there should be several options in the working environment. 

The open office space is a collaboration inspiring office space. This allows people to move around the office and be inspired by the energy and work in the office. the hexagonal shaped ceiling panels are strategically placed over the work area and will help absorb the sound in the space. 

The color choices are warm and I tried to play with patterned wall accents to make the office space feel light and cheery. 

The private office space is another option for people to rent. If someone wants more privacy as well as a space they can lock and have meetings in. There are several private offices that are for rent. The offices feature a boldly colored back wall with a patterned accent wall as well. The credenza and desk are white with the desk having a wood top. The patterned chairs add a light and cheery touch to the office space. These types of offices are great for someone who has lots of meetings and needs privacy for when they are meeting with someone. 

The conference rooms come in two sizes. Both of the conference rooms are equipped with kitchenettes and a large conference table as well as a TV. The large lighting fixtures serve as a design element and accent piece along with the brightly colored walls. 

The glass wall inserts give a way to take a look into the open office space. 

The transitional space by the gym with the lockers and the stairs/elevators leading into the cafe and up to the executive suite. The transitional space from downstairs to upstairs serves as a waiting area for people at the gym as well as another breakout space for people to relax in and work. The stairs were designed to wrap around the elevator to create the same experience for people coming and going from the cafe whether you take the stairs or take the elevator. 

The cafe serves as a space to get lunch as well as get your daily coffee fix or any other beverages. It is also designed to turn into a real bar later in the day for coworkers to grab a drink after work and maybe to bring clients there as well. The upstairs area also features the executive suite and is designed to have the option of being rented out completely if the person who is in the executive suite wanted to hold a function in the cafe space as well for clients. 

The executive suite is the only of it's kind in this building and features a kitchenette, private bathroom with shower and a seating area as well as a desk and work area with additional seating. It is the only office on the second floor to ensure more privacy and has large glass windows to allow the natural light to flood the space. 

The first floor features the open office space as well as the private offices, conference rooms and quiet rooms. The quiet rooms are for phone calls and to have a little more privacy during meetings. The first floor also houses the break room and both gyms as well as the bathrooms and showers/changing rooms. 

The second floor is home to the cafe and bar as well as the waiting area for the executive suite and the executive suite itself.