This project is centered around the concept of adaptive reuse lofts and the unique charm that accompanies them. We have a loft space in the fourth and fifth floor of the old cotton sail hotel that will be transformed into a residence. 

This project was a conceptual idea for a downtown residential loft with a stunning view of the Savannah river. The open space is free flowing and anchored by a staircase which leads into an open, airy mezzanine ideal for relaxing and unwinding. Nature is invited into the space through the use of neutral tones and naturally sustainable materials which are highlighted by sunlight flooding into the space through the large windows. 

Open. Graceful. Organic 

This loft explores the idea of Fluidity as a way to capture a balance between social activities, work and rest. The open and airy feel of the loft blends with textured materials and re-purposed wood to create a fluid transition between and old. 

A floating Mezzanine is anchored by an open staircase allowing natural light to flow, illuminating the living space and all of it's materiality. The loft allows the client to move freely and flow from one environment to the next. Nature is captured and drawn into the home with the breathtaking view and constant daylight. 

The longitudinal section of the space reveals the size of the runway which leads from the staircase to the mezzanine. The section also gives insight into the relationship between the upper and lower level. 

The space features large windows to invite the daylight and nature into the space. The bedroom and living room have a view of the Savannah river. The kitchen and dining area overlook a neighboring park with an abundance of greenery. 

The Stair has triangular risers to keep the feeling open while still providing protection against falling. The railing follows an industrial style with visible hardware and glass partitions. 

The kitchen takes advantage of the high ceilings by featuring industrial style stove top vents as well as high cabinets. 

The wood is locally sourced and re-purposed as the cabinetry. 

The living room features exposed brick walls to add to the historic charm of the building. The living room is oriented towards the large floor to ceiling windows to make use of the view. The furniture is kept very simple while en-cooperating recycled materials. 

The bedrooms both feature textured walls behind the bed as not only a design element but also to ensure that the living room noise does not filter into the sleeping areas.