Royal Caribbean - Retail Concept

This project focuses on designing a LUSH boutique store and kiosk on deck 5 of Harmony of the seas. This store will be interactive and feature classes on how to make LUSH products.

This project was created in collaboration with Courtney Rokosky and Cristina Pelaez.

While designing the Lush store aboard the Harmony of the seas the concept the main design driver was natural geometry. 

The organic ingredients were used as a stepping stone of the design process and were juxtaposed by the industrial materials used throughout  the store such as the concrete. 

The purpose of LUSH's DIY store aboard Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas is to give guests a first hand experience of how their products are made with the use of technology, all natural ingredients, and great customer service, users will have the full LUSH experience while also being able to browse and purchase products. 

The first floor mimics the shape of the stores kiosk on the right hand side, under the wood slat canopy the bath bombs are displayed. The sink area features a water fall faucet and large enough basin to try out some of the products. 

The second floor is a classroom space for the DIY classes. It features a large table for the demos and a sink for trying your newly made products. 

The store would be located on the Royal promenade of harmony of the Seas. We wanted to play with the shape of the kiosk and how it could relate to the exterior design of the store as well. The wood slats are not only a design feature but also serve the purpose of providing privacy for the class space. 

In the design process we made sure that the store was cohesive enough to the rest of the promenade while still standing out. 

The taste wall is an attraction in the store that allows customers to taste and try the products. For example the lip scrubs, masks and such. 

This is to show how fresh the ingredients are that Lush uses in their products. There is a chalkboard above the tasting products as well where people can write down their favorite ones and encourage other to try them as well. We also believe that this would attract more men into the store as well. 

The lip wall is a feature that many lush stores have, the display is a large set of comic like lips that create storage for their lip scrubs. This is a great attraction for the store and can act as a photo opportunity as well. It is something that not only serves a purpose but also adds to the design of the overall store. We wanted to accentuate the lip display with a bold and bright wallpaper in that corner of the store as well. 

The checkout desk for the store is a color layered concrete, inspired by the look of a dissolving bath bomb in water, it is the same effect that is on the floor and wall near by the sinks. In between the different levels of the desk there are light strips to illuminate the desk. The Lush sign with the greenery is part of our plan to bring more nature inside the store. 

The checkout desk is located at the back of the store near the elevator, this way the sales assistants can help anybody with the use of the elevator. 

The sink area is a feature in every lush store, it is there so that customers can try out the products to see if they like the feel and smell of the product. The sales assistants will also help people try the products and this helps boost sales. 

The bath-bomb effect on the concrete is something we chose to keep as a design feature at every area that has a water function as well as the display bath tub. 

The bathtub serves as the bath-bomb display and also becomes a fun photo opportunity for customers and guests. It is a unique way of displaying product and helps with the overall feel and design of the store. The wood slats acts as a canopy over the tub as well and the greenery from the kiosk and checkout desk continues in this part of the store as well. 

The upstairs area serves as a classroom and event space for the DIY classes and DIY spa events. We wanted the space to be versatile and clean. the large glass table is easy to clean and perfect for demonstrations and classes. the side bar area is for the spa events, it serves as a seating space and also counter top space for drinks and such.

The sink is for participants of the events and classes to try their new products. 

The kiosk is the quick grab-n-go option for the lush store. It features many of the simple and most popular products. There is a seating area around the cylinder of the kiosk that features tablets for the customers to take a quiz that will tell them what are the best products to use for their skin and hair type. There is a sink area in the kiosk as well. 

As part of the lush experience on board of the Harmony of the Seas we chose to work on creating a Royal Caribbean specific packaging. This will add to the overall customer experience and add an exclusivity to the store as you can only get this packaging at this specific store.