The purpose of this area of accommodations is to introduce a new way to cruise to a new, up and coming generation. By working with the idea of communal living and common areas we are bringing people together in a way that will also make them want to come back. Adding an installation to this area makes it fun and allows millennial to practice the idea of self-promotion that will benefit the users as much as the client. By collaborating with different artists we can allow the space to be flexible and ever changing for a new experience every time. 

Royal Caribbean - Stateroom Concept

This project focused on re-imagening the stateroom area on deck 7 on Harmony of the seas. This area has no windows and is in the middle of the ship, therefore it is less desirable. We wanted to change this, our goal was to not only to attract more guests but also to attract more millennial as they currently do not cruise often. 

This project was created in collaboration with Courtney Rokosky and Cristina Pelaez.

The Artists - Plant the Future & Rebecca Louise Law

The Inspiration for Photo Opportunities

The floor plan has been split into three zones:

The Capsule zone - an area where people can sleep in minimalist yet luxurious cubes

The Bar and Lounge - which divides the two accommodation areas,

The Stateroom - standard staterooms. 

The Floor Plan

The Capsules

The capsules were designed to be minimalist at the same time as being luxurious. 

They are the ideal way to travel if you are searching for a cheaper alternative and aren't planning on spending much time in their room.

The capsules are also a great place to be social and step out of your comfort zone.

Installation 1

Installation 1 is a combined work between Rebecca Louis Law and Plant the future.

This space not only serves as an installation but also as a common space for the patrons to relax and socialize. 

The installations will be changed every 6 months to a year. 

Installation 2

Installation 2 is a sculptural piece by Rebecca Louise Law which surrounds two hanging chairs. 

This space not only serves as an installation but also as a more private and intimate communal space for the patrons to reside in. 

Installation 3

Installation 3 is combined work of Rebecca Louise Law and Plant the future.

This space serves as a transitional space for people moving from the residential space to the bar and lounge area that divides the capsules and the staterooms. 

Hidden in the right hand corner is a small photo booth for people to use and discover.

The Bar & Lounge

The bar and lounge are a common space for the guests to relax in and socialize. 

During the day the bar is going to feature snacks, smoothies, and little items for people to grab before going on an excursion or back to their room.

At night the bar is going to serve alcoholic drinks and little bar style snacks. Every night there will be a specialty drink that is themed after the next port they are going to stop at to in-cooperate more of the culture and get the guests excited. 

The artwork continues throughout the bar and lounge space as well to seamlessly tie together the space and keep the experience going. 

The Staterooms

The staterooms have the artwork in cooperated into them to still give the guests the same experience without having to sleep in the capsules.

There are two styles for the staterooms:

The Single room

The Group Room